A Terrible Introduction

Terrible, it’s a word often associated with disaster, unspeakable evil and dreadful people. An unlikely name for a charitable partnership - indeed to many a most unconventional introduction.

Yet, to us at Terrible, it serves as a reminder that the challenges our society faces are daunting. We are not here for glory, to speculate, criticise, demean or insult. We are here to educate, resolve and develop generational change that challenges inequality & poverty in all it’s forms.

So, what's Terrible Foundation? A group of passionate people investing in charities that align with their shared goal.

As a non-profit are ambitions* are lofty, improbable and just a little bonkers. We enable and facilitate the work of others. We are risk takers. We are the silent partner, not a vocal participant. As a for-profit investment partnership we seek opportunities for commodity businesses with a positive social and environmental impact.

We’re also serious about starting new ideas, empowering others and silently tackling global issues. As demonstrated with our acquisition of Zach (a subject of both positive and negative criticism amongst all the misinformation out there).

Our ambitions with this technology remain steady, we will open access and distribute ‘Zach’ services without charge to both education institutions and non-profits, whose purpose align with our desire to challenge inequality and poverty. Why? Because we believe Zach will assist others to meet their goals and accelerate social & economic equality.

While alone our impact may be insignificant, together we believe meaningful change is not only possible but a reality for all.

With this recommitment to Terrible Foundation’s original purpose I look forward to striving for a better, less distasteful society where individual freedoms are not just a right but guaranteed.

I'll also add we don't intend on Terrible Foundation becoming a large (or even anything more than this single website) brand. Why you may ask? The answer is simple if you choose to help others you need not ‘puff’ it up!

- A