What We Do

We enable everyone, regardless of race, creed, class, colour, religion, sex, sexuality, age or ability to participate in those decisions effecting their lives, environment and opportunities.

This is a huge challenge and lies at the root of everything we do. Inequality is a global issue and extensive. We have therefore defined a set of focus areas to help you better understand are intent.

Propelling reform, aiding advancements

Advancing reform within, with clear targets. That helps bring together strands of our existing efforts, with the work of others who have different perspectives.

Accelerate ideas

Supporting ideas has always been central to our approach. We also stimulate ideas and pursue many of our own.

Areas where we encourage ideas are;

  • Interpersonal and government engagement
  • Facilitating inclusive Economies
  • Advancing internet freedom
  • Expanding youth opportunities
  • Gender, ethnic and racial justice
  • Creating equitable development